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Travel unites us in important ways. It reaches into the fabric of what it means to be human. In ancient Tibetan, the very definition of a human being was “one who goes on migrations.” The diversity of the world’s cultures, ecosystems, and ancient monuments can inspire and humble us. What began in 1987 out of a deep love for travel and more than a decade of living in Africa, learning firsthand about her friendly people, vibrant cultures, and incredible wildlife has now expanded into Tamu Tours, founded more than 20 years ago and providing personally-crafted exceptional travel experiences for today’s discerning traveler.  We are proud to have been recognized by the New York Times and Washington Post for our outstanding trips and we are delighted to have been selected by Conde Nast Traveler and ABC News, as their selected travel company for putting together special itineraries. We are not your average travel company. We have personally explored the globe, 136 countries to date across six continents and still counting, and every one of our trips are based upon our personal insights of the places we have experienced ourselves. This is travel planning as it is meant to be – always reliable, highly professional, fun and inspiring. We are not a big business, and that is just how we want it, enabling us to work closely and with unsurpassed attention to detail for every one of our guests.

We Travel the World

From carefully selected destinations in Africa to the Americas and from the Mediterranean to Asia, we specialize in designing personally crafted journeys based on your specific interests. As dedicated travelers ourselves, we take great pleasure in planning trips to places that we have come to know and love. We do this for individuals, couples, friends, families, special groups and associations – travel that is fun, educational and meaningful. John Steinbeck, the Nobel Prize-winning author, once remarked, “People do not take trips….trips take people.” It is a travel philosophy that we share – trips that take people to new levels of understanding and personal fulfillment. By uniting the excitement of setting out on a distant journey and the joy of experiencing unspoiled nature and learning about diverse cultures, Tamu Tours provides you with a unique opportunity to explore our beautiful planet while also helping to protect it.

Our Commitment

As pioneers and leaders in sustainable tourism, we are committed to exceptional travel experiences that also promote the conservation of nature, sustain the well-being of local peoples, and help to protect cultural and natural heritage around the world. We carefully inspect and select special lodges and hotels based on great quality of service and commitment to sustainable tourism including environmentally-friendly operations, support for protecting cultural heritage and safeguarding biodiversity, and providing direct social and economic benefits to local people in the places we visit. We are actively involved in supporting farm to table sustainable agriculture, waste reduction and recycling in our operations, and advocating for government policies to address issues of global climate change and sustainable development. We also partner with other businesses and organizations that are working to “green” the global travel and tourism industry to play a larger role in safeguarding the natural and cultural treasures of our planet for current and future generations.


Tell Us Where You Want to Go

Tell us what you have in mind and we will be happy to discuss the trip you dream about, and to answer any questions you might have. Remember, because our trips revolve around you, we can tailor any trip to your needs, interests and budget. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of some aspects of your trip – our travel experts will help you plan a memorable and exciting vacation. Contact Us »


Belize It!

Belize is close, affordable, friendly, and filled with tropical islands, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, Mayan ruins, and rainforest. That is why we fell in love with this tiny Caribbean country. You can also experience it while staying in Tamu Tours’ own private Caribbean cottage – Blue Garden House – right on the water. It is the perfect place for couples, families and friends to enjoy an authentic Belize holiday.  Learn More »

About Beyond Green Travel

At Beyond Green Travel, we are working to embrace a new vision for a more sustainable planet. Here you can gain access to the world’s top sustainable tourism experts through our Sustainable Tourism Consulting, tailor-make your own special holiday with Tamu Tours to some of the most amazing natural and cultural destinations on the planet, and follow Costas Christ, Editor at Large and columnist for National Geographic Traveler as he travels, speaks, blogs, and reports on the changing world of travel.