Sustainable Tourism Consulting


The consulting division of Beyond Green Travel is led by Costas Christ, one of the world’s foremost sustainable tourism experts and ecotourism pioneers, who oversees a global multi-lingual team of leading professionals. Together they deliver unsurpassed expertise in sustainable tourism development, marketing, policy, planning, education and training. Our work spans more than two decades, and includes more than 100 countries across six continents, with a top client list including destinations, hospitality companies, national tourism boards, non-governmental organizations, and tour operators and travel trade associations. With proven professional expertise, we are focused and efficient, delivering positive results.

Current and past clients include: World Travel and Tourism Council, Virtuoso Travel Network, ACCOR Hotel Group, United Nations Foundation, South Africa Tourism Board, Tourism Council of Bhutan, National Geographic Society, Kativik Indigenous Regional Government of Canada, Belize Tourism Board, Kenya National Park Service (KWS), US Agency for International Development, The Travel Corporation, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Big Five Tours and Expeditions, Three Camel Lodge, Nomadic Expeditions, Six Senses Resorts and Spas, Audubon Society, Monterey Institute, Natural Resources Council, Bhutan National Parks, Government of Bermuda, Inter-American Development Bank, Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, and Montenegro Ministry of Tourism, among many others.

If your destination, company, tourism board or travel organization seeks top professional expertise in sustainable tourism and global brand building, our team, with decades of experience in the public and private sectors, will deliver the excellent results you need.

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

Ecotourism was officially defined in 1991 as “Responsible travel to natural areas that protects nature and sustains the well-being of local people”, a definition that Costas helped to establish as a founding member and former Chairman of The International Ecotourism Society. It is a set of principles and practices that supports biodiversity conservation and delivers local community benefits. Ecotourism and nature tourism are not the same thing: nature tourism simply means travel to natural areas – national parks, rainforests, wildlife safaris, etc. When poorly planned, nature tourism can damage the environment. Ecotourism practices help to protect nature.

The principles first associated with ecotourism have evolved into sustainable tourism today, as a way to bring best practices across the full spectrum of the travel and tourism industry, from city hotels to beach resorts and from airlines to entire countries. The three key pillars of sustainable tourism are: 1) Environmentally-friendly operations; 2) Support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage; and 3) Direct and tangible social and economic benefits to local people.


  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Tourism Product Assessment and Collateral Materials
  • Education and Training Workshops
  • Destination Stewardship
  • Strategic Marketing  and PR Strategies
  • Community Tourism Capacity Building
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Tourism Master Plans


About Beyond Green Travel

At Beyond Green Travel, we are working to embrace a new vision for a more sustainable planet. Here you can gain access to the world’s top sustainable tourism experts through our Sustainable Tourism Consulting, tailor-make your own special holiday with Tamu Tours to some of the most amazing natural and cultural destinations on the planet, and follow Costas Christ, Editor at Large and columnist for National Geographic Traveler as he travels, speaks, blogs, and reports on the changing world of travel.