Can Ecotourism Be More than an Illusion?

Costas Christ has a knack for handling sticky situations. I got a glimpse of this as I was making my way home from an ecotourism conference in Senegal. Along with a number of other conference participants, I was stuck in the airport in the capital city of Dakar. For some unknown reason, the ticket agents had stalled us, so we were doing what American ecotourists often do when the Third World reveals itself as more than rainforests and beaches — we were freaking out….

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About Costas Christ

In addition to leading Beyond Green Travel, Costas Christ is an awarding-winning editor and columnist for National Geographic Traveler. He serves as Chairman of the World Travel and Tourism Council – Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, and is also Chairman of the National Geographic-ITB World Legacy Awards, which recognize sustainable tourism best practices that support the protection of cultural and natural heritage.

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At Beyond Green Travel, we are working to embrace a new vision for a more sustainable planet. Here you can gain access to the world’s top sustainable tourism experts through our Sustainable Tourism Consulting, tailor-make your own special holiday with Tamu Tours to some of the most amazing natural and cultural destinations on the planet, and follow Costas Christ, Editor at Large and columnist for National Geographic Traveler as he travels, speaks, blogs, and reports on the changing world of travel.